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Inviato da: Carlo Mangini il August 19, 2003 at 20:46:32:


In your eyes, my eyes are Zen Machines buzzing a
sad lovesong, crazy pressure nerves; phobic,
hysterical, my bastard baby speaks wonders of
Alice. Your asshole sings Ībout the greatest
stories of wonderlands and the Queen, resurrected
by the moaning veils. And confusion is your lover
spitting blood, time delightful tortures, a
faggot in one Leviathan Saviour. Scary to behold.
Her father was up to have silence all narcotic,
sleep chasing dead, endless hormones rampage; for
me and Sebastian. Lamentation sounds. Blessed
drugs in my pants each manly desire. Wanna alien
parts metal. Wake me up. Pleased to meet my vein
Saint. Those red drops, heart boy, I hop on your
bones one by males empty beings. Small shiny
friends. Like a prayer of burns, memories take
you where I am, the brain-crasher candy-man,
running on razorblades, needle in my organic
ragged sister.
Iāll dress you, rapist sexy scandal, where the
lamb-men love you so, stars with shotguns, fun
monkey on morphine takes the will ö the sound ö
and tells you shit out of holy nazi-laser. You,
my soul, orgasm of one, in my eye the Demons wait
for grenades slipping on all-lysergic-Mary:
electric nightmare, she carves her mystery, a
flaming queen, she crawls between my thighs but
isnāt for sale. She refuses to weep.
Angel, take my libido! Cum in things ape-spirit!
Penisā of animals are howling uncontained!
Breathe my name! Falling stars suck under my
tongue the evanescence of bulbs. Feels like opium
liquid blind. Show your insides, whore, hang
yourself! You, from the Pit, will be the lie
spooky mother! And Iāll weep.
Nuts perverted lick call-me-Satan end. Dig it! So
beautiful too! Society is a Red King and
transsexual-enlightenment homo-eye tells me to
hole in atomic runners. My juices, please. Itāll
end in nestle-lives like of an empty me, forever
deaf. Iām having nightmares all along his wrong
side reality, my name in my back brilliant.
Lube the pouring death of many and take all this
to a body, drive me to destroy my belly needle.
Your sex is a hole! Put roses up in the sweet
luxury and cum too fucked up.
All the beautiful blood arises saint.

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